How Long Does Suboxone Stay In Your System

Suboxone is a pill that doctors often prescribe to those who are fighting addiction to opiates, methadone, painkillers and heroin. When a patient first decides to get treatment for addiction to these drugs, he will need to meet with his doctor to develop a treatment plan in which suboxone would be used to treat the addiction. When a person takes Suboxone in order to treat addiction, it connects to the opoid receptors in the brain and this medicine gives the patient an euphoric sensation and it decreases withdrawal symptoms from the heroin and other harmful drugs.

Side Effects

There is no drug without side effects; therefore, before you start taking any medication, one of the questions to ask if your body would be able to cope with any side effects. Some of the ones common with Suboxone include dizziness, headaches, insomnia, nausea and sometimes fatigue. If you experience some of these symptoms frequently you will need to visit your doctor because you may have an allergic reaction to the medicine. As for how long Suboxone stays in your system after taking it, it is between two and three days.

Weaning Yourself Off Suboxone

Before you attempt to wean yourself off Suboxone, you want to talk with your doctor first because he can devise a safe plan for you to do this. Once you do this you should wait at least three weeks before you start weaning off of Suboxone. During this time you should get a massage because as you slowly stop taking the Suboxone, you may experience fevers and chills. Take vitamin C and a multivitamin for improved health.

Properly Taking Suboxone

Drink water before taking the Suboxone because it makes it easier to ingest the medicine. It is also important that you take the Soboxone pill under the tongue and let five to ten minutes pass for the pill to dissolve under the tongue. Do not swallow or chew this pill.

Researching Suboxone

One way to research Suboxone is to read a few health magazine articles and look at the benefits and disadvantages of taking them. Another way to research Suboxone is to read a few brochures on it that you may find at addiction treatment centers and there are also books in the library and bookstores on this medication.


While taking Suboxone, you want to watch out for any unusual side effects that could harm your health because the doctor needs to know this so he can prescribe a lower dosage in order for you to feel better while recovering from the opiate or heroin addiction. Be careful about buying Suboxone from online pharmacies because there are fraudulent sellers who offer fake versions of the medication. If you feel you no longer need the Suboxone, you should meet with the doctor because he will have the best plan to slowly wean yourself off it. Most importantly, you need the support of family and friends who will do everything they can to help you during the recovery.

Jan 25th, 2013 | Posted in Medicine

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