How Many Chambers Does the Heart Have?

The human heart is a mysterious organ. It functions without any batteries and the pumping action keeps all of the other organs and systems functioning properly. The heart is incredibly busy and the blood and oxygen are pumped through the four different chambers many times per minute. The human body cannot live without the heart, but it can be replaced with a transplant or an artificial heart. It is quite amazing to be able to feel the heart beat and to know that it continues to pump all night long and through the most stressful situations in life.

By the Numbers

The human heart beats around 100,000 times each day and it sends blood and oxygen through the 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the body. Because this organ is so vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is a good idea to each a well-balanced diet and to exercise regularly. The heart actually benefits from aerobic exercise where it is forced to increase the rate of beating so that the body can get a boost from the oxygenate blood that it needs during high intensity exercise.

Need for Regular Exercise

Many people do not get enough exercise through the week and then they tend to push themselves too hard. This is not healthy for the heart and it is best to gradually work up to a more intense workout so that the body becomes used to the fact that it needs to pump harder during the stressful times. It is not safe to over stress the heart, so if you plan to do a lot of aerobic exercise, you should take your time and build up a tolerance.

Job of the Heart

The heart is about the size of an adult fist, but it has a job that seems to be so incredibly important. It is a good idea to maintain the heart’s health by doing a few simple activities. One of the best things for the heart is to laugh because of the physically reaction to laughter. When the body laughs a good heavy belly laugh, the blood vessels relax and the blood has an easier time getting through the body. The physical reaction to laughter is the biggest antithesis to stress, where everything contracts. We all need to relax and it seems like laughter is the truly the best medicine.

Stress Reliever

Interestingly enough, another big stress reliever that can relax the blood vessels and provide a healthy release is sex. Men and women who orgasm a few times each week can help prevent heart attacks and strokes by quite a large amount. There is not really a scientific reason behind these findings, but for those who love to have sex, this is certainly good news

Chambers and Valves

The human heart does contain four chambers. There are the right and left ventricles and the right and left atria. Each chamber has a certain job and each chamber has valves that send blood to the body and bring blood to the heart.

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