Round White Pill 512

One of the most controversial drugs on the market today is the prescription pain killer called Oxycodone. This drug is a small white pill that is round in shape and stamped with the number 512. The drug is very addictive and many people do very stupid things to get their hands on the drug when they do not have a proper prescription.

How Oxycodone Works

Oxycodone works as an opiate, narcotic pain killer. It is highly regulated and only available with a prescription. It is often prescribed for people who have severe pain and cannot find relief from less powerful pain killers. It is only prescribed for people who can actually tolerate that powerful of a narcotic, as there are many people who cannot handle opiates. Those who cannot manage opiates often get very nauseated and can even hallucinate.

The hallucinatory qualities and painkilling effects are what make many people do stupid things to get their hands on the drug. When people rob pharmacies they are looking for the brand name drug called Oxycontin, which is oxycodone. The drug is very addictive, so when people no longer have prescriptions, they resort to doing these types of things. The media will report on these to warn local pharmacists that there are people in the area who are desperately hunting for the drug. Narcotics like these are usually kept locked under lock and key and pharmacists will not let the employees in to those locked spaces to get those drugs. This protects them from the criminals who will attempt to rob pharmacies.

There are often cases of people overdosing on oxycodone, too. This happens because these people are in so much pain that they take more than they are prescribed. Eventually, they build a tolerance, or they crush it and snort it, rather than swallow it whole as directed. The drug is in a time-release formula so that it works over a long period of time and by crushing it and taking it that way, patients will develop highs that resemble heroin highs.


Other problems with oxycodone and Oxycontin happen because people who are in pain will often self-medicate. This includes drinking alcohol and taking other drugs. When oxycodone is combined with other drugs and medications, it can be potentially deadly and people who take it without the direction of a licensed physician have no idea what combinations can cause respiratory distress that can result in death.

One of the biggest areas of concern with the abuse of prescription painkillers like oxycodone is the growth of abusers who are in secondary school. Many recent high school graduates report that they or someone they know has taken oxycodone from their parents’ or grandparents’ prescription bottles. Sometimes they even will sell the pills to their friends who are looking for a quick and easy high.

It is too bad that so many people are in pain and are so desperate for quick relief. It is also too bad that so many people choose to abuse a drug that is so dangerous if not taken properly.

Jan 8th, 2013 | Posted in Medicine

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