Why Does My Vagina Smell Fishy?

Vaginal odor is a frustrating thing for many women and they are always thinking about innovative ways to get rid of the fishy odor. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common cause when you have the vagina smelling fishy. This happens because of the overgrowth of organisms which live in the vagina. The fishy odor is always strong after sexual intercourse. Poor hygiene is another common cause of fishy vaginal odor, while “losing” a tampon is another common cause. This takes place when a tampon rises to the vagina’s upper part, and lodging there. If the tampon is forgotten, a vaginal infection can be experienced, leading to the fishy smell.

There are over-the-counter products that assist you in eliminating vaginal odor but if this does not work, you should meet with the gynecologist to seek better treatment. You can also read a few women’s health articles on the topic.

Avoid Yeast-Rich Foods

For a period of time you want to stay away from yeast-filled foods such as mushrooms, breads and coffee because when you consume these foods in excess, the yeast in your vagina increases and you will develop a bad odor. Substitute these foods with fruits, vegetables, seafood, lean meats and nuts. Also drink a lot of water.

Tea Tree Oil Treatments

Tea tree oil is antibacterial and this is why it works well in eliminating your vagina’s fishy smell. Apply a few teaspoons of tea tree oil and water to your vagina and do this every few days until you notice a difference in the smell. You can find tea tree oil at most health food stores, drugstores and online alternative health retailers.

Use Plain Yogurt

Some women place plain yogurt inside their tampon or sanitary napkin and wear them during the day because the good bacteria in yogurt does a nice job of stopping bacteria in the vagina and removing the smelly odor. You should only do this a few times a month and do not do this when you are on your period.

Away With Satin or Silk Underwear

These types of underwear make you look sexy but they are also breeding ground for vaginal bacteria and vaginal odor. You should not wear this underwear in the summer because the body heat causes the bacteria. It is better to wear this underwear in the cold months.

Reduce Usage of Scented Soaps

Scented soaps and powders as well as douches are not good for your vagina because these products increase the bacteria that lead to fishy vaginal odor. It is better to use unscented soaps and powders to make the vagina smell better.

Bathe Before and After Intercourse

One of the best ways to reduce bad vaginal odors is to take a good bath before and after intercourse because when you have intercourse you are exchanging bodily fluids such as semen, saliva (for oral sex) and sweat and this could lead to bad odors later in the day.


It is not impossible to get rid of vaginal odor when you use the above mentioned steps. When your vagina smells better you feel more confident sexually with your partner and you reduce yeast infections that are common for women.

Jan 5th, 2013 | Posted in Women's Health

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